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Guitar Scale Poster: Which One Should I Get?

Sure, you can google it every time you want to check on some scale or chord. But would it be nice to just look over and see it on your wall right there in front of you?

We are going to look at 4 guitar chord charts and compare and contrast them in this article. The main points we’ll touch on are the included scales, scale theory, chords, chord theory, and other items. note: if you buy click on one of the links here and purchase a poster, I could make a small commission – but it won’t effect the price you pay at all! Happy Picking!

1. The Ultimate Guitar Reference Poster

Ultimate Guitar Reference Poster

This poster is perfect for you IF your goal is to have a boatload of chord fingerings at your disposal. There is little to nothing about scales, but it does have the circle of fifths and chord building formulas.

If chordal theory is what you need, this one is for you. Here’s what’s included:

  • Large 24” x 36” glossy poster, Easy to read, large print and bold graphics, 49 open chords and 96 movable chords, Chord fingering suggestions for every chord
  • Major, minor, and dominant chords, Augmented and diminished chords, Fretboard map, chord formulas, and circle of fifths
  • Major and minor pentatonic scales, Major (Ionian) and natural minor scales, Major and minor key (diatonic chords)
  • Amazing and thoughtful gifts for guitarists, Designed, printed, and packaged in the U.S.A.

2. Guitar Chord and Scale Chart Poster

For my money, this is the best buy. It has the widest variety of chords scales and theory of any guitar scale poster in this list. It includes lots of chords, scales, theory, and formulas.

This one really has everything you’ll need, from beginner to intermediate. This poster has:

  • Large 24″x 47″ Size Guitar Wall Chart Poster, Easy to Read and Teaching or Group Learn Acoustic Electric Guitar
  • 196 guitar chords fingerings covering all of the most commonly used chords as well as many obscure and rarely used chords.
  • Major, Minor, Blues, and Jazz scales as well as patterns for all 7 scale modes
  • A color coded circle of fifths as well as chord construction formulas

3. Popular Guitar Scales

This one is very focussed on guitar scales, specifically. While it doesn’t specify the major scale, you may know that the Ionian mode scale is another name for the major scale. If you’re looking just for guitar scale reference and you do not care about having the chord reference, this is for you.

  • Huge Fretboard Diagram with Large Scale Diagrams
  • 7 Diatonic Modes (Greek/Church Modes) and 2 Minor Scale Modes
  • 12 Fret Chromatic Scale with Major/Minor Pentatonic Scales
  • Major/Minor Blues Scales plus 3 Symmetrical Scales

4. Guitar Chord and Scale Cards

Okay, these have basically everything. Tons of chords, the nashville number system, scales, triads, circle of fifths, etc. The main difference is that this is not a poster you can hang on the wall but a set of cards. The cards are 6″ X 8″, which means they are too big to be portable, but not big enough to be seen from a distance.

I love how much is included but they may not work if you need to be able to see them on the fly while playing. Here’s what’s included:

  • 252 chords and their fingerings
  • Major, Minor, and blues scales, along with all 7 mode patterns
  • Major and Minor triads across the fretboard with chord building formulas
  • The nashville number system showing how to transpose across keys

How to Use a Guitar Scale Poster

The proper way to use a guitar scale poster is as a reference guide. Hang it somewhere you can see it while you’re playing. Ideally, you should pick something to work on that you are not very familiar with. Once you’ve got it down while looking at the poster, look away and try to complete the same thing without viewing it on the poster.

This way, you’ll begin to memorize the concepts and details and you will be able to utilize the information without having to have the poster in view at all times.

For somewhere around $20, these are well worth the money.

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