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Best Acoustic Guitar for Smaller Hands

Little Martin upright

Playing guitar is hard enough when you have big strong hands. So what is the best acoustic guitar for smaller hands? First off, you’ll need something smaller than your average guitar – especially if you’re a beginner.

There are a lot of smaller guitars out there, but after playing somewhere in the neighborhood of 100,000,000 of them, these are the six that stood out as the highest quality. Note: some links in this article are affiliate links, which means I stand to make a small commission if you purchase through that link. But don’t worry – this won’t effect the price you pay at all!

Top Guitars for Smaller Hands, In Brief

These small hand friendly guitars are in no particular order as you cannot go wrong with any one of them. They are all great quality and on the compact side. Ultimately, the one for you comes down to whatever looks and feels the best to you. There’s no wrong answer.

Little Martin LX1E Guitar

Little Martin LX1E

Martin is probably the most iconic name in acoustic guitars. From Hank Williams Sr. to The Avett Brothers, any artist would be thrilled to own and play a Martin.

The Little Martin has a professional sound with its Sitka Spruce top. The satin finish gives it the signature beautiful Martin look and feel. These guitars are built with sustainable wood certified parts. The mortise and tenon neck joint, non-scalloped X-Brace, and chrome-enclosed gear tuners make it look as captivating as it sounds.

Martin wrote the book on “enhanced playability,” and the Little Martin LX1E is no exception. You cannot go wrong with this one.

Taylor BT2

Taylor BT2

Much like Martin, Taylor is an iconic name in acoustic guitars. This baby Taylor is “taylor-made” for players with small hands.

The Taylor has a professional sounds with its Mahogany top. This will git it a slightly darker, earthier tone than a spruce top. The satin finish gives it the signature beautiful Taylor look and feel. While this guitar was inspired for use by children and travelers, it stands up to many of the full size guitars on the market when it comes to sounds, feel, and playability.

Taylor makes incredible instruments, as you’ll see with the other Taylor that made the list. You cannot go wrong with this one.

Orangewood Dana mini guitar

Orangewood Dana Spruce

Orangewood may not have the name recognition or history of Martin and Taylor, but they make some killer guitars.

The Orangewood Dana mini in mahogany is the least expensive guitar on our list. If you’re looking for “bang for your buck,” this is the one. The Dana’s smaller profile and shorter scale length makes it one of the best guitars for smaller hands.

The musicians who design and setup Orangewood guitars are in California. They are experts and will absolutely deliver a fantastic instrument to you.

Taylor Academy 12e Grand Concert Guitar

Taylor Academy 12e

This is the second Taylor on the list and it’s a beauty. As one of the larger instruments on the list, this Taylor is extremely well built.

The Academy 12e Grand Concert is designed specifically to be easy to hold and play. With beginner guitarists in mind, this instrument is great to learn on and great to play forever. It will last as long as you want to play it.

With built in pickups, this is an acoustic-electric, which allows you to plug into an amp and play live to an audience. This guitar comes with Elixir Phosphor Bronze Light strings, but it may make sense to switch to extra light strings to make playing that much easier.

Eastman ACTG1 Traveler Guitar

Eastman ACTG1 Traveler

I love Eastman guitars. And this is my pick for the best acoustic guitar for smaller hands.

I have a larger Eastman and I play it all the time, even when I have plenty of other more expensive and more well known brands. The Eastman Traveler is Sitka Spruce and Sapele with an awesome satin finish. This is one of the smaller guitars on the list.

The downside is that it doesn’t come with a gig bag or electronics, but if those are no big deal, I would definitely pick this one.

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